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Creative freedom

Authoring freedom is our number one goal. Forget about limited, form-based authoring tools or bulky, rigid course templates, players, and wrappers.

Composica puts you in full control of your course’s design and behavior. Any object can be styled, modified, and positioned to your heart’s content.


Go above and beyond the standard question-types and interactions. Single Choice, Multiple Choice, and Fill-in the Blank questions are only the beginning.

Fully customizable Sort, Matching, Drag-and-Drop, and Hot Spots questions are readily available in Composica, and there’s much more.

Real feedback

Correct, incorrect, and per-answer feedbacks are nice, but they’re barely scratching the surface.

Respond precisely to what learners are doing. Whether it’s a complex multiple choice condition, or a specific sort item order.

Animated corrections are available for all question-types.


Composica offers unparalleled collaboration features for your team.

Authors, designers, subject matter experts, contributors, and reviewers, can all work simultaneously on a project.

Teammates can see what everyone is working on, open tasks and review notes, post on the project’s wall, and even group chat.