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The most complete platform for B2B online & on-site events

You need more than a simple webinar or event tool if your goal is to attract, nurture and grow your base of potential customers. Welcome to Conferize. The #1 platform for B2B online & on-site events.

Take your events to a new level
One platform, any event type

One single platform for in-person, virtual or hybrid events. All-in-one event management included.

Organize events in minutes

Run small webinars/seminars or day-long events with multiple tracks and sessions.

Branded user experience

One 24/7 event hub for all actions related to your event. No need for people to jump around.

Optimize your virtual events

Let attendees move in and out of sessions using any device. Or make them visit your post event page for recorded webinars.

Enable online networking

People attend events to grow their network. Use our advanced networking features – let people meet & connect online.

Your new 24/7 venue

Your event website should be more than just a sales tool. It is your 24/7 online venue. Let the event start here – go live from here – and let it lead to follow up actions and business.