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What Connectivity does for your business:

Connectivity magically brings more customers to brick-and-mortar locations. Cool, right?


Connectivity combines a lot of clever engineering, a regimented marketing process, smart tools and a little charm to make businesses with physical locations more powerful.

There are three facets to this process.

1. A Comprehensive Customer List

86% of businesses with physical locations do not have a comprehensive customer list. So let’s solve that first.

2. Controlling Online Reputation

Connectivity finds what people are saying about your business almost everywhere online, even if your business isn’t tagged or mentioned, and shows you everything in one feed. Now you know what people are saying and you can make business decisions accordingly.

What about getting more positive reviews? Using Connectivity, set up an automatic review survey to understand customers’ recent experiences.

3. Making You Easy to Find

It might sound basic, but no business can succeed without being found by customers. While it’s a simple concept, actually making sure your business is easy to find gets harder and harder because customers use many more ways of finding your business than they used to.

Connectivity makes this process simple through automation that lets you focus on other exciting projects.