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Content King is an effective online marketing software that offers real time, 24/7 SEO auditing. The tool is web-based so that you don’t have to download and install anything on your PC. Content King is an in-depth software that provides a lot of insights into the performance of your web page. The tool supports an unlimited number of team members to enable you to easily share tasks. As soon as you sign up with the software, you will be given the log-in details to log into the dashboard of the app. You will see two main sets of stats known as website health and pages here.Because search engines never sleep
Real-time SEO Auditing and Content Tracking

Real-time SEO Auditing
24/7 Monitoring
The only SEO Auditing solution that can monitor your web properties 24/7.
Actionable Insights & Tasks
Using a wide array of signals our algorithms deliver meaningful insights and tasks.
No need to install anything and your data and reports are available at any time.
Something breaks? Be the first to know and fix it before your results are impacted.
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Content Change Tracking
Capture all important changes
For the first time ever you’re able to see what’s really happening.
New, deleted & redirected pages
We promise you: reporting and keeping up to date has never been this easy and fun.
Drill-down, Dissect and Export
Regardless of the number of changes, you can do whatever you want with your data.
Discover all ContentKing features