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Content Square – What is the secret behind conversion?
Insights for all
Our unique data visualisation turns even non-analysts into customer experience experts.
Data for All
Empower everyone on the digital team to measure the impact of their actions.

Customer Journey Analytics
Want to know how many users arriving from a recent email campaign made a purchase, and what journey they took to checkout? Interested in knowing the percentage of visitors who added items to cart but exited your site without purchasing after reading the delivery conditions?
Our Customer Journey Analytics show you where users struggle so you can remove roadblocks to conversion.

Zone-Based Heatmaps
Want to improve form completion by identifying unnecessary effort and frustration that leads to abandonment? Our update on traditional heatmaps gives everyone on your team an intuitive, self-service way of visualizing digital performance so you can optimise accordingly.

Benchmark and Reporting
Compare any in-page element with industry averages so you can identify and fix underperforming areas of the site quickly.

Retroactive Behavorial Segmentaton
Rushed a new holiday promo to market before you went on vacation, but didn’t have time to preplan tags? No problem. CS collects all the data while you are away so that you have actionable insights to come back to.
See how visitors interacted with the new experiences, use segmentation to visualize how it impacted their behaviour on the rest of the page, and learn how it changed their journey through the rest of the site.

AI Alerts and Insights
When it comes to digital marketing actions, we know that timing and accuracy are key. That’s why we’ve developed a system of AI Alerts and Insights that speeds up your responsiveness by delivering dependable, tactical advice to your team right on time.