Secure and extensible product analytics
Countly is the best analytics platform to understand and enhance customer journeys in web, desktop and mobile applications.

On-prem or private cloud
Countly can be installed on-premises or in a secure private cloud setting in any geography your business needs. With either option you retain 100% ownership of collected data and will have direct access to granular, raw product analytics data.
Extensible via plugins
Our customers create their own plugins to add specific analytics and marketing capabilities they need in Countly for their web, desktop, IoT and mobile apps. Finally, an analytics platform that fits your business requirements and eliminates the need to decide between build vs buy.
A single dashboard
Countly comes packed with powerful plugins such as user profiles, push notifications, crash analytics and attribution. You don’t need to use 10 different products anymore and will have access to all the tools you need from a single secure dashboard.
It’s time to understand and enhance your customer journey