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Make coverage reports, faster.
Don’t get left behind on measurement

Powerful automated metrics for modern PR, that make it easier to measure & understand success.

All your reports in one place, accessible wherever you go

You & your team can view, edit or share any report, from any device with an internet connection.

Need to make a last minute change to your report on the way to your meeting? No problem. Much better than countless spreadsheets & PowerPoints scattered who-knows-where?

Searchable coverage vault of all your results

Draw insights from a treasure trove of your campaign successes & failures. No more priceless data getting buried in forgotten documents.

Refine by clients or time periods, spot trends and build new books from your results.

Realistic PR metrics that can be compared to the rest of marketing

We include a prediction of how many people will view your coverage based on where it is on the publisher site.

Demonstrate the SEO impact of your PR work

We count how many links to your client’s website were included in your coverage. This is vital to SEO success. CoverageBook reports also score how influential the publisher site is through Domain Authority, a score devised by SEO experts MOZ.