Customer Engagement


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Know everything
about every customer.
See your users and customers – and what they do in your app.

Get to Know Your Users

Instantly find all your information about any customer.
The GoSquared Customer Data Hub automatically brings together all the information on your contacts, users, and customers.

Track users in real-time
Find the actions people are taking in your app. Track every event triggered by every user, in real-time.

Segment users easily
Easily build and save groups such as “latest signups”, “new customers”, or “users likely to churn”.

View a live profile for every contact
View a unified profile, combining activity across all devices, and information from external tools.

A unified profile for every customer.
The GoSquared Customer Data Hub gives you the definitive understanding of every lead so you can easily collaborate with sales, account management and customer service.

Loop in customer service
Convert more visitors into leads by providing helpful answers. Customer service can help easily when they have access to the same profile of every lead.

Close deals faster
Turn visitors into customers quicker than ever. Share a GoSquared profile with everyone on your team and they’ll have everything they need to close the sale.

Seamless transitions
Because GoSquared centralises browsing activity, emails, and actions a lead has taken, you can easily pass leads between marketing, sales, and support.

Seamlessly connected to all your tools.
Effortlessly import data from services like your support desk and email marketing systems, and automatically trigger actions in other tools like Slack.

Features to close more sales.
Say no to data entry. Say yes to increased productivity.

Auto-updated profiles
Every profile is automatically updated with the latest activity – see browsing activity, the emails they’ve received, and more.

Social profiles for your users
All the information you need to talk to new signups with a personal message – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Alert your team to new leads
Send new leads into Slack so anyone on the team can jump on opportunities and celebrate sales deals closing.

Unlimited team members
Some services charge you more for growing your team. GoSquared ensures everyone on the team is in the loop.