Data Hawk


Data Hawk is a software analysis platform used by online marketers to increase sales, boost productivity, increase profits, and get insights on Amazon. This software suite consists of product data monitoring, search engine optimization (SEO), financial reporting, market intelligence & reporting, and many other features. The tool is very easy to navigate and access information that is organized in graphical format. Changes in keyword rankings and competitors are easily trackable with this software. The company behind the tool acts as a software-as-a-service by offering a free plan for customers to try out their service. Monthly plans become more expensive as you track more keywords and products.

Insightful Analytics to Empower your eCommerce Growth on Amazon
DataHawk is a turnkey software analytics platform that helps you increase your eCommerce sales, optimize your margins, boost your productivity, and gain insights on Amazon.
DataHawk Enables eCommerce Success on Amazon
DataHawk software analytics platform gives you the right tools and data insights to build an unfair advantage selling on the hyper-competitive Amazon eCommerce space.


Powerful Analytics for your SEO and Products & Ads Strategy
Track and Increase your Organic Search Performance
More organic traffic, mo’money! DataHawk SEO helps you rank better in search results on Amazon and benchmark your performance against your competitors.

Properly Monitor Products Data and Act on it
Stop flying blind! DataHawk Product gives you unparalleled access to daily ASINs data such as change in BSR, price, reviews etc. for ANY product on Amazon.

Execute a Superior Product and Advertising Strategy
Start connecting the dots! Better understand your performance, market, competition, and Amazon’s algorithm, then make smarter decisions.

All-in-one Amazon Analytics Software Suite for Brands, Retailers, and Agencies, Big and