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What We Do

Datami enables enhanced mobile engagement for brands while allowing operators to scale their mobile marketing business, and consumers to access and earn mobile data. By combining real-time customer data from operators and brands with an unparalleled range of network-aware mobile marketing solutions, our platform delivers sharp increases in click-thru rates and in-app daily active usage and conversion.

We align the needs of brands, operators and consumers to deliver on our vision: Mobile data for everyone.

Why We’re Different

We have already developed close partnerships with tier-one operators across six continents, serving more than 1.3 billion consumers. These partnerships – growing in number all the time – give us unrivaled access to premium targeting attribution criteria. Our industry-leading, network-aware mobile marketing platform supports more than 350 use cases that enhance brand engagement activities; including sponsored data, data rewards, sponsored mobile advertising and video, and BYOD split billing. Mobile operators benefit from the ability to scale their advertising, wholesale and B2B businesses, while increasing ARPU and accelerating monetization of new digital services.

Our unique ability to blend operator data, brand data, and proprietary technology allows us to drive a new level of brand engagement.

Who We Are

We are a group of mobile network, internet, and marketing experts that create mobile marketing solutions which enable brands to amplify their connection with mobile customers. We believe mobile data should be for everyone and we understand that, for mobile marketing to succeed, everyone has to benefit. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of brands, advertising agencies and mobile operators, and most importantly, data-hungry mobile customers.

Datami is headquartered just outside bright and beautiful Boston and have teams across the globe, including our development center in Bangalore.