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The team behind team sports ℠

You put your all into programs that help individuals develop athletic skills—and life skills. All so you can provide your community a rewarding team sports experience that fosters individual wellbeing.

Designed by people who know the drill(s)

Demosphere created integrated, user-friendly tools specifically for the way sports organizations are run. Our solutions were, and continue to be, created by developers with both deep database expertise and a personal history with sports leagues. As such, our tools are more than adaptations of generic business programs—they are built to address your unique pain points, from scheduling to group communications to rosters and data privacy.

For Leagues and Clubs

The demands on people who keep clubs going, and on those who oversee the leagues those clubs play in, rival the management of not only small businesses, but many mid-size concerns, too. Yet, most leagues and clubs have severely limited resources for addressing their operational challenges. Precisely why you need Demosphere’s tools to stay on top.

For Associations

Sports associations have a hierarchy unlike any other organization. That’s why we’ve developed solutions with features that make it easy for people throughout your association to access and use the tools—all with easy permissions set by you, for extra data security.