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The easiest way to bring
your marketing data together
Measure website and social media performance, generate detailed reports, keep on top of your data to get more leads & sales.
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One Place Your For Website, Search, Ad Campaigns,
Social Media Analytics and Reporting
The new dashboard for all of your marketing data is here!

This one-stop shop will allow you to quickly and easily track website traffic, ad campaigns, social media analytics & reporting.

Are you in marketing?
We’ve got you covered. Track your company’s website analytics, monitor ad campaigns and see how the business social media accounts are helping grow success for all involved!

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Are you a virtual assistant?
Take back control. Track everything from clients’ websites and ad campaigns, to social media marketing and post reviews; you can even create reports for the click of a button!

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Run a digital agency?
Give your staff a boost by giving them access to all of the data on marketing campaigns. Create white-labeled reports that show how you are helping customers grow their business with ease!

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Measure & Analyze The Performance of Your Content
Get a broad understanding of your performance across multiple accounts.

Gain in-depth insights into website traffic, search rankings and specific social channels.

Website Traffic
Effortlessly integrate Google Analytics into your dashboard. Easily see if more people are visiting your website. Quickly review month on month performance and monitor KPI’s.

Search Data
Analyze how your content is ranking in Google search results. Quickly see what your best performance posts and articles are. And review what search terms get people to your website.

Social Media
Associate website and social media stats so they can be reviewed side by side. Easily spot which social media platforms are driving growth. Focus on which platform has the best ROI.

Review Performance
Monitor social media post performance. Quickly see your top posts and track engagement without having to login to each platform. Produce beautiful reports at the click of a button.