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Maximize Efficiency.
Convert Leads.
Accelerate Sales.
eMaximation’s easy-to-use sales and marketing software helps you capture, qualify, and convert more leads into sales.

Features And Benefits
eMaximation’s lead management and marketing automation software allows companies to grow their business by easily capturing, contacting, qualifying, and converting more leads into sales. We make it easier to manage your sales team and marketing campaigns while also increasing efficiency and production, with proven methods working with small emerging businesses to global Fortune 500. Take a look at our features below and contact us here to set up a demo

Sales Insight
Align and streamline sales and marketing through automation like never before.

Automatically capture and distribute incoming leads to ensure quick follow up and get the right leads to the right team members.
Intelligently identify prospect lead scores based on custom business rules for lead qualification and follow up, and automatically prioritize and queue up activity lists for sales team members.
Email nurturing provides drip campaigns to ensure a quick response with new prospects while keeping a spotlight on past candidates through automation to ensure no opportunity is lost.
Sell more top-of-mind and streamline collaboration with real time lead alerts, knowing the exact moment prospects are engaged in marketing collateral and automatically updating team members on all sales and marketing activity.
Track and Analyze every aspect of your sales and marketing efforts from cost measures to time frame analysis, pipeline reports, demographics, and much more.
Our sales and marketing expertise as well as a disciplined focus on customer service and implementations helps our clients maximize user adoption.