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Alert system
Track more than 250 SEO metrics and receive alerts when any change is detected. Compare the crawls launched in different periods of time or with the competitors’ websites.
Automatic alerts and Custom alerts
Previous crawls comparison
Log files comparison
Competitor’s sites comparison
SEO Crawler
Crawl a website up to 20M pages to deeply understand the site’s architecture and identify any SEO issues.

Page depth levels
PageTypes and sections
Content: duplicates, meta tags, anchor and content size
Crawling errors
Architecture Maps
Schedule your crawls
Log Analyzer
Perform a server log analysis up to 1,200M pages to understand how search engines bots see and interact with a website.

Top visited pages by Googlebot
Log data segmentation
Errors (4XX, 5XX) & Redirects (3XX)
Orphan pages
Daily crawl Budget
Schedule your logs
About FandangoSEO
FandangoSEO was born 6 years ago as an SEO tool with the aim to help our team perform better quality audits. It made it easier for us to detect and fix any issues related to on-page SEO, site architecture and internal structure.

By observing the efficiency gained by using the SEO crawler, and how it helped us build numerous successful websites, we thought it was time to share it with the world! In 2017 we decided to take it to a whole new level, building our SEO tool on the cloud, enriching it with new powerful features and making it easier to use.