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Professional KPI dashboards. No hassle.
Connect your data from a choice of over 70 integrations. Build a real-time dashboard in minutes. With Geckoboard, it’s that simple.

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Trusted by 1000s of data-driven organizations
Create dashboards that keep teams focused on their most important metrics. For company, investor, marketing, sales, support, ecommerce dashboards and more.

Over 70 data sources and counting
Instantly connect your data with our easy-to-use integrations. See all data sources.

Pull in additional data using spreadsheets, databases, Zapier integrations and our custom API.

Don’t see a connection you need? Get in touch. We build new integrations all the time.

Focus on the metrics that matter
Use filters to select the exact metrics and ranges you need. Choose visualization options to display the data in a way that makes sense to you and your team.

Easy to build. Easy to understand.
Resize, group and rearrange your data visualizations. Add status indicators, comparisons and goals to highlight important changes and progress against key targets.

KPIs that get seen
No more digging around in different tools to see the data that can make a difference. Our sharing features make sure your key metrics are easy to access throughout the day.

Share a link
Generate a link to your live dashboard – share on email, IM, embed or bookmark.

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