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Glasshat is a digital marketing tool that helps businesses increase their organic search traffic, leads and conversions by providing tailored marketing and SEO recommendations. This platform uses proprietary algorithms to analyze the top 120 search results for any given keyword. Based on this analysis, the software generates a list of recommended actions ranked according to their potential impact. Thanks to the machine-learning capability of its algorithm, the software is able to continuously improve its performance, in order to generate more accurate, and therefore more reliable recommendations. This tool is available by subscription, but it also has a free, no credit card trial period.

The SEO tool that turns data into actions
Targeted digital marketing plans that grow traffic, leads and customers.

What is Glasshat?
Glasshat generates customised and prioritised Digital Marketing recommendations that tell you exactly what you need to focus on to get tangible results that matter to you. Our proprietary software also reviews your online competition to customise a plan that gets the best results for your website and conversions for you.
Why you’ll love Glasshat.
Glasshat saves you time and money by simplifying the complex online marketing challenges many website owners face. We analyse the web to generate proactive recommendations specific to your website that are based on data science, not guesswork.

Reduce workloads and increase productivity with effortless planning
Save time and money by cutting out the need to hire expensive guru’s or trying to make sense of the data yourself. Say goodbye to mundane tasks that hold you back.

Maximise impact and drive new leads with targeted actions
Make sure you get in front of potential customers online by targeting pages and keywords with the most potential to engage and attract the leads that matter to you.

Beat the competition and improve your conversion rate
Don’t miss a single opportunity to increase your online conversion rate by making sure every visitors takes action when they get to your website.

How it works.
Unlike other SEO platforms, Glasshat turns data into recommendations meaning you spend less time analysing, and more time doing the things that lead to results.

1. Enter your website and the keywords that matter to your business into Glasshat

2. Sit back while we analyse the top 120 websites that appear in the search results for each of the keywords you entered.

3. Based on the numbers, Glasshat then builds a prioritised action plan, specific to your website.