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Get closer to your audience.

Our survey-led research gives you the answers you need on your target customers. That’s why the world’s biggest brands rely on us to shape their thinking.

What makes us different?

We give you more detailed insights into your consumers than any other research company.


Take the hard work out of complex research. Get up and running in minutes and do your own analysis using 40,000 attributes.


The quality of our data can’t be matched. Our world-leading panel gives you the clearest possible understanding of consumer lifestyles, mindsets and habits.


Hear from our experts to keep up with worldwide and local trends and find out what it takes to make insight like ours work for your business.

Tap into the world’s most revealing data

Access rich, insightful data you can rely on for your most important business decisions. Segment your audience groups with pinpoint accuracy to answer your must-know questions.

Go from data to impactful consumer insights

Our leading platform puts over 2 billion consumers at your fingertips. Casual users or experienced analysts can quickly build detailed profiles using our simple drag-and-drop tools.

Stay ahead with the latest in market research

Read reports and infographics from our industry experts who keep you clued into the latest in consumer trends, on a global scale and by market.