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Be productive with our digital marketing automation tools.

Twitter growth toolkit

Automate twitter to boost the growth of your profile! Auto Follow:  The idea behind this is to follow people who might be interested in tweets you post and most probably follow you back when the…

Linkedin automation tool – Automate connection requests, messages, profile views and many other tasks
Get leads to your business from Linkedin with GPZ Linkedin tools as follows: Search for your prospects on “Linkedin people search” or any other source of profiles. Other sources can be “Group members”,…
Tradingview watchlist rotator

Rotate through each chart in your TradingView watchlist of your choice in one tab per watchlist Create slideshow of stocks in your tradingview watchlist in a tab with custom duration to display each chart. You…

Facebook Toolkit

Coming soon. Click download to submit your details and join waitlist

Meetup Automation tools – Generate leads from

Send messages to targeted people (prospects) and build leads list has huge number of members active on different fields of interests. You can reach out to people of specific interests and convert them to…

Linkedin UnInviter: Cancel all pending sent invitations with single click

Cancel all your pending sent invitations older than specified number of days when switched ON. Also runs on startup and clears old invitations those haven’t accepted yet. You don’t need to run it again and…

Linkedin bulk connection remover

This application supports removing your linkedin connections in bulk by selecting multiple or all linkedin connections and with single click. It supports filter by location and company.