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Unlock Reddit superpowers
for startup founders
GummySearch helps you leverage online communities on Reddit to ideate, validate, and find customers for your business quickly

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The power of online communities

By staying in touch with relevant online communities you can ensure you’re building something that people want, build up a loyal fanbase that will market your product for you, and evolve your business when the needs of your market and customers change.

Generate Ideas

Based on real pain points expressed by real people
Validate Solutions

By talking to potential users about their needs & requirements
Discover Customers

Who are asking for your solution but don’t know you exist yet
Distribute Content

To establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche

GummySearch has ❤️ for Reddit…
But it’s built for content-consumers, not startup founders
Using Reddit
Requires setup

Reddit shows you content for subreddits you’re a part of. Are you sure you’ve found all relevant subreddits?
Endless scrolling

Reddit is designed to keep your attention. You’re a busy founder and have better ways to spend your time
Lots of distractions

Browse reddit for your personal needs, when you’re working you need to focus on what matters
Hard to search

Reddit surfaces the top content for that day, but you need to find historical relevant content as well
Using GummySearch
Find ALL relevant communities

GummySearch helps you find subreddits that matter, including small & new ones
Optimized browsing

Find important conversations for you, engage with your community, and then move on to the rest of your work
Smart recommendations

Based on the stage you are in (ideation/validation/acquisition/growth), we’ll make sure you’re always seeing relevant content
Find what you need

Search communities, submissions, and comments with ease. Once you find something that works, stay in the loop with ease

What you get with GummySearch

Discover communities
Find all of the relevant communities you should be a part of

Organize your niche
Collect subreddits to stay in tune with

Browse conversations
Optimized Reddit search to find just what you’re looking for

Stay in the loop
Set up notifications for new people asking for your business

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GummySearch is currently in beta, working with a tight group of community-minded founders to accelerate their businesses.

If you are looking for a problem to solve, want to validate your solution, or discover customers on Reddit, this product is for you.

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