Building Stunning Enterprise On-Site Search Solutions
Hawksearch provides best-in-class features for you to define your visitors search experience. Regardless of if you’re selling products, searching content, or indexing multiple systems, and SEO optimized content, Hawksearch complements your business objectives.

We Are Obsessed With Your Customer’s Journey Using Onsite Search
You may be looking to boost your ecommerce search, looking to improve your website search engine or enhance your site search, Hawksearch solves these challenges and more delivering relevant digital experiences.

Your Search Technology Stack
The Hawksearch platform offers a robust, feature-rich next-generation search, recommendation, and personalization engine that enhances, normalizes and enriches your customer’s experience. The Hawksearch platform leverages advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and industry leading analyzers to identify the ultimate search experience delivering accurate results from federated data sources.

This platform works on small to enterprise level environments including B2C, B2B, commerce, content publishers and enterprise applications. Hawksearch uses industry standard RESTful APIs to integrate across your business ecosystem.