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Easy & affordable way to create product tours
Create interactive, easy to follow product tours that will help your users get started and adopt new features quicker than ever. No coding or big budgets required.
No credit card required

Create engaging onboarding experiences
Engage users from day one with our interactive, easy to follow product tours. Users ‘learn’ as they go, making onboarding a breeze. With HelpHero, you can easily create walkthroughs without any coding.

Speed up new feature adoption
Put the spotlight on features and product enhancements. Use HelpHero to ensure your users know what’s new and how to use it. The result – less frustration and confusion, and higher user adoption and retention.

Give your support team and budget a break
Give users the guidance they need before they ask for it with contextual product tours. Let HelpHero guide your users to success, so you can reduce the time and money spent on customer support.


Easy & affordable
HelpHero is a powerful and easy to use onboarding tool that is also cost-effective.
HelpHero offers a ton of value at the best price on the market
Jack Mannion – Customer Success Manager, IngeniousIO

No coding
HelpHero doesn’t tie up engineering time since anyone on your team can create and edit tours.
I need to make changes to my tours on the fly and it couldn’t be easier with HelpHero
Edward G – Marketing Coordinator, College for Adult Learning

All features
HelpHero plans include access to the full suite of features, analytics and integrations.
Every SaaS provider should use this for Customer Success
Alex Harper – CEO, Swyftx