Hextrakt SEO crawler


Designed by SEO Professionals, Hextrakt SEO Crawler is a strong, fast website crawler that will analyze your website for Search Engine Optimization. Easy to use, even for novices, it has a user-friendly interface that will help you find what you are looking for with just a few clicks and show you how to perform technical SEO audits that will boost your online business.
Hextrakt SEO Crawler Software is desktop and mobile friendly. You can set your own filters and requests using the URL explorer, and you can categorize your URLs with the Segmentation feature. Using Google analytics to create powerful KPI that will boost your SEO strategies, Hextrakt promises web quality and performance for just $59.00 per month, and you can try it free for 15 days.

Hextrakt SEO crawler

Why choose Hextrakt?
Hextrakt is the only desktop crawler that provides a real adaptive asynchronous crawl. It optimizes the crawl speed, taking care of the server and client capacities so that it can crawl efficiently all kind of websites, including big ones.
Hextrakt has a nice user-friendly interface, helping the user to explore and segment URLs, focusing on information that matters, to perform relevant technical SEO audits.

Adaptive crawling
Written in C++ with an adaptive and asynchronous technology, Hextrakt handles the client and server resources to crawl all kinds of websites very fast, including big ones.

Mobile / desktop
With his Chromium rendering engine, used by Googlebot to render web pages, Hextrakt is able to render javascript and crawl like Googlebot for smartphone or desktop.

URL explorer
Create your own filters and requests, so that you can get insights with useful data for specific URLs. Quickly reuse these advanced searches in other projects.

Categorize your URLs to view KPI and issue distributions by tags (e.g. thematic or templates), to quickly find out what to improve and identify which files to edit.

Google APIs
Google analytics and Search console integration bring powerful KPI to boost your SEO, such as active pages, orphan pages, organic entrances, SERP visits or impressions…

Compare crawls
Monitor your SEO over time, using the crawl comparison reports to find out changes: errors and warnings, new or removed pages… Easily perform mobile VS desktop SEO audits.