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Come together to serve your customers – right inside Gmail

Helpdesks get in the way of great customer service. Hiver helps your team deliver an amazing customer experience by helping them collaborate within Gmail

Do brilliant customer service – right inside Gmail

Hiver helps you easily access, assign and track emails coming to your shared customer service account

Hiver makes email customer service a delight for your team and customers
Create accountability with email ownership and status

Hiver makes sure every email coming to your customer service email address has a clear status. You can assign emails to team members, ensuring clear accountability and timely responses to your customers.

Collaborate without CCs and forwards

Hiver helps you collaborate seamlessly with your team by helping you keep internal and external conversations clearly separated, yet in context. Write notes to teammates to have quick discussions that will continue to live next to emails and provide future context.

Automate your workflow and kill grunt work

Remove the grunt work out of customer service. Automate repetitive tasks that eat away your team’s productivity. Auto-assign emails based on predefined rules, distribute workload with round-robin assignment, focus on what’s truly important.

Find areas of improvement in your customer service

Improve your customer service with insights into workload distribution, SLA violations and team performance. Build custom reports to measure metrics specific to your business. Find out what your customers think through customer satisfaction surveys.