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Anyone, anywhere, can grow a business with iContact
Simple tools for your big ideas. We help thousands of small businesses like you communicate easily and effectively.

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Easiest email marketing platform for small businesses
iContact was built to take the pain out of email marketing. Our easy-to-use tools help you grow your audience, design beautiful emails, personalize your messages and automate your communications.

Grow your audience
Tools to help you market your business, grow your subscriber lists and engage with your audience effectively and easily.

iContact – email design
Create beautiful emails
Design and send beautiful emails using responsive templates that look great on any device without having to write a single line of code.


Personalize and automate
Send relevant and customized messages to your audience at the right time using intuitive personalization and automation tools.


Empowering businesses everywhere
iContact has helped over thousands of small and independent businesses since 2003 send billions of emails each month.

Crafting stunning emails has never been this simple
Designing beautiful emails that look great on any device has never been this easy.

Craft that perfect email with our Drag & Drop email builder from scratch or use our professionally designed email templates without having to ever touch a line of code.

The most loved Drag & Drop email builder
Experience the world’s original and most loved email creation tool that thousands of businesses use to send billions of emails each month.
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Start easy with hundreds of predesigned email templates
Access a library of carefully designed templates that look stunning and are easy to modify to fit your brand style. Create and customize your perfect email message in a snap.

Look great on all devices
See before you send

Tools to help you grow your audience
The potential for a bigger and better business — and a bigger and more enaged audience — is built right in.

iContact has all the tools you need as a small business to grow your audience and engage with them more effectively.


Create your own unique space online with landing pages for your business
Our intuitive landing page tool extends what thousands already love about our Drag & Drop builder. Use convenient building blocks to create responsive landing pages for your business.

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Collect emails, accept enquiries and build an audience with forms
Start generating prospects, leads and subscribers from your website and landing pages with unlimited free responsive forms customized to your brand.

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Email automation should not be a complex thing
Build unique paths your customers will take with your business with automated email journeys.

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Welcome new subscribers with automated welcome emails
Build multistep welcome and nurturing emails for new subscribers that guide them through those crucial early days.

Nurture your subscribers and prospects into buyers
Get the conversation started and keep it going easily. Easily define rules that put customers on their own unique paths.

Send automated reminders and anniversary emails
Make those special days even more special by automating personalized messages that trigger on specific dates.


Send personalized messages uniquely relevant to each subscriber
Deliver emails crafted specifically for each segment so your subscribers get the type of content they want to see.

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Segment on contact information
Segment based on engagement


Automatically send emails at the best time for each subscriber
Not everyone checks their inbox at the same time of day. Send your emails to subscribers when they are most likely to open and read them.

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Get the help you need, every step of the way
From email automation to delivery experts, our knowledgeable teams are here to provide you with all the help you need to grow your business through email.

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Email strategy
Get help optimizing for maximum engagement and conversions. We’ll help you build email automation, provide content feedback and help fine-tune your messaging.

Design services
From custom email content to fully responsive, branded email templates, our designers employ the very best in aesthetics and effectiveness that drive end results.

Delivery optimization
Optimize your sending with our deliverability services. Our team will provide tips and guidance on how to reliably get your emails into your subscribers’ inboxes.