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Marketing Shifts: How Consumers Are Responding to COVID-19

Inuvo is a data-driven company, so we understand the power of trends in data. Our IntentKey AI has analyzed the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and it is no secret that consumer trends have shifted, from shoppers looking for essentials, distractions, or items that fit their new changing lifestyles both while at home and after the pandemic begins to subside. Understanding consumer behavior in this new environment will help guide marketers to proactively react.

The IntentKey™ Difference

Inuvo’s IntentKey is a programmatic media solution powered by patented AI-generated proprietary audience data. Our client media campaigns are delivered through a world-class, multi-channel supply-side platform and supported by a team of experienced campaign managers dedicated to your account. Inuvo’s unique, patented and unduplicated technology provides brands the ability to reach incremental audiences generating more high-quality leads.



Inuvo has patented intent based audience categorization technology specifically built to extract consumer intent from engagement with digital content.

$20 Million invested over 12 years
11 Patents


The IntentKey identifies the earliest signals of consumer intent by processing over 200,000 consumer content engagements per second through the IntentCloud, enabling the ability to reach users in near real-time.



The IntentKey developed and understands 24 million unique concepts of interest and the strength of the relationships between those concepts. These unique interest concepts and data points allow us to understand and identify audiences far beyond traditional audience segmentation techniques.



Inuvo takes user privacy very seriously and as a result the IntentKey:

Does not collect any PII or use any type of fingerprinting
Is NAI certified
Is CCPA compliant