Jetcommerce is the perfect platform for businesses that want to create beautiful, bespoke commerce experiences. With all of the features built natively into the platform, it’s easy to get started and unified customer profiles make it easy to personalize your customer interactions. Powered by Richpanel, Jetcommerce gives you access to the latest customer data so you can always provide relevant and up-to-date experiences.

They outline some excellent use cases.

Bespoke Commerce Experiences
Create beautiful, bespoke commerce experiences on one of the most powerful platforms.

Commerce platform as a service
All in one Commerce Suite with Point of Sale, Marketing Automation, SEO Console and more built natively within the platform.

Unified Customer Profiles – by Richpanel
Connect customer data from multiple tools including Jetcommerce, other Cart Platforms, Email Marketing, Customer Support, Point of Sale and ERP.

Create up to date, complete customer profiles to personalize customer support, campaigns and in-app experiences. Powered by Richpanel.

Unified Customer Profile
Actionable Customer Profile

Marketing Automation

Click and Collect

Point Of Sale

Subscriptions and Renewals

SEO Console

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