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Just Reachout – Attract journalists.
Pitch with relevance.
Get featured in the press without a PR agency.

Reach out knowing a journalist is a good fit for your story. Our software allows you to find the most relevant journalists, publications, press opportunities, podcasts and broken links so you can pitch with confidence.

Our Academy contains all the information you need to employ the best strategies and tactics so that you start generating consistent exposure on an ongoing basis.
Let our software amplify your PR

Our search engines surface the most relevant journalists, content, and press opportunities with a dedicated search channel for each focus.

Use pre-populated pitch templates that yield the highest open and response rates. Track your pitch analytics based on insights from our 5,000+ users.

Make your PR pitch stand out from your competition by using unique conversation starters and PR tactics, all explained in our PR training videos and in-platform guidance.
PR software and guidance to accelerate your business
Build a Targeted List of Journalists & Influencers
Create an action plan based on your search results:

Journalists covering your topic and keywords
Opportunities to write for other publications in your niche
Press opportunities where a journalist is seeking an expert in your niche
Broken links from high authority domains pointing to websites in your niche that you can populate with your own content
Get daily, weekly, or bi weekly notifications of new press opportunities based on your searches

Get responses to your pitches with our outreach guidance
Craft a personalized conversation starter for each pitch you send through our platform
Create subject lines for your email pitches that are proven to get a response
Write an email pitch based on our best performing templates
Consistently come up with new PR angles and strategies from hands on examples highlighted in each video lesson

Just reach out!
Use our pitch engine to launch your PR outreach efforts and enjoy the following:

Never get a bounce back, our team verifies each and every email address and ensures deliverability
Analytics of your open rate and response rate
Benchmark data for open rates and response rates across all users’ campaigns on JustReachOut
Filter your email pitches based on performance

Use the data to optimize your PR angles, pitch copy, and tactics – PR is a data-driven process.