Identify new opportunities with Keylogs Search Console Insights Software. Utilizing data from Google’s Search Console, this innovative tool pre-analyzes your page rankings and keywords to highlight your top performers and identify any weak links that need addressing. With the help of smart filters, you can find ranking opportunities and new content ideas with a single click and grow your traffic by placing the right keywords on the right pages.
Keylogs allows you to dig deeper by comparing your Search Console Data with on-page data from Google Analytics to put your rankings into perspective. It marks changes, tracks improvements, and guides you through the process of search engine optimization to create better content and succeed on the web.

Better Search Console Insights
Easily dive into Google’s Search Console Data:
Identify opportunities, track rankings, mark changes and grow your traffic.
Easily dive into and work with the Search Console data
Keylogs makes it easy for you to dive into and utilize the data from the Google Search Console. The tool pre-analyzes all your keyword and page rankings so you get the most important information right away: top-rankings, top-performer and weak click-though-rates on a single glance.

Get better insights with smart filter
We automated some of the most common tasks with the Google Search Console data with smart filters. Find low-hanging fruit, ranking opportunities, keyword cannibalization and new content ideas with a single click.

Dig deeper with Google Analytics and Search Volume data
Keylogs matches data of the Search Console with on-page data from Google Analytics and the average monthly search volume (like AdWords) so you can put your rankings into perspective, gain deeper insights and optimize your content better.

Mark your changes, track your improvements
What happens if I do this? Site changes should always be documented to measure their effect. That’s why Keylogs has a built-in change marker for you. Quickly note your optimizations to track your page changes and see exactly how Google and your rankings react to them.