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Kliken puts your business in front of the right people, turns them into leads, and helps you sell more.
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Kliken is deeply integrated everywhere!

How does Kliken work?
Kliken was built with your business in mind. All of our services were created to help you launch marketing campaigns in just a few simple steps, while being able to manage your budget with ease. No experience is required because we do all the heavy lifting for you! Just sit back and monitor the results.

No Credit Card Necessary

Unleash your online Business

Priced for Small Businesses
Pick a monthly budget that works for your business. We charge a small monthly fee so more of your budget goes towards results.

Fully Automated
No need for Google Ads account or other services. Setup your Kliken account today, and start marketing your business with no experience!

Budget Optimized
Our campaigns adjust multiple times a day to make sure you’re not overspending on bad traffic, or under spending on good opportunities.

Sales Driven
Marketing without results is like a car without the steering wheel. We help you see results so you know if your marketing is working for you.
Manage your marketing on the go!
Kliken lets you manage your marketing and sales from the convenience of your mobile phone, from any where, at any time.

Focus on your business
​​Keep track of your online marketing in a few intuitive steps, all at your fingertips. You’ll have more time to focus on your business while Kliken helps you grow it!!

Get back to Leads
Get updates on new leads, get back to them right away, or schedule follow-ups.

Track your Campaigns
​​Get instant access to information on your website visitors, campaign performance, and ads.

View Popular Ads
See what ads are performing best, how their performance has changed over time, and how much they cost.