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– Account Based Marketing
– B2B IP Data
– B2B Advertising

We discover who your anonymous B2B visitors really are
Leadenhancer identify your B2B website visitors, turning previously unknown visitors into known sales leads, efficiently generating new leads and collecting insights into existing leads and customers. Automated B2B Lead Generation made simple!

93% of B2B sales actually start online with product research and shortlisting of vendors.

57% of the buying decision is already taken before a supplier is contacted.

72% of Sales time is spent on the wrong leads that are not ready to buy.

B2B Targeting – Communicate with the right organisation in the right time.
Target your top Accounts with personalised messages and offers in the right sales stage, anywhere on the web. It’s time to say goodby to shot gun advertisement.

Global database with B2B data.
Its all about the data! Use our data to discover new leads, update contact information in your CRM, create segments of accounts you want to target with advertisements or custom web content.

Boost that Marketing ROI

Discover your hottest visitors, turn them into known leads.

Makes sure your data is up to date and relevant.

Select your audience based on common B2B parameters or named accounts.

Spend your communication on the organisation you know and that cares about your message.

Send those leads automatically to the right sales rep.