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Leadiro is an online platform which gives you 24/7 access to millions of B2B data records that you can download and use for your email marketing and cold-calling campaigns.

All Industry Sectors
B2B Customer Data Platform covers the following sectors: Advertising/Media/Publishing, Aerospace and Aviation, Agriculture and Forestry, Automotive, Banking/Accounting/Financial Biotechnology, Computer and Technology, Education and Training, Engineering and Construction, Entertainment/Travel/Hospitality Food and Beverage, Government and Public Administration, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal Solutions, Manufacturing, Marketing Non profit Organizations, Other Industry Not Listed, Pharmaceutical, Public Relations, Real Estate, Retail and Wholesale, Scientific Telecommunications, Transportation and Shipping, Utilities, VAR/VAD/System Integrator

41+ Million Contacts
291k Companies
10 Million Decision Makers
30 Million Validated Emails

CXO, VP, Director, Head, Manager Business, Finance, Admin,
HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Procurement, Sales,

Validated Data
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Leadiro’s unique Contact Validity Score (CVS) ensures only contacts with a score of 95% or higher make it into our live database. We utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools in conjunction with language translation technology to cleanse and validate our data set. Additionally, Leadiro’s partners are actively sending out millions of emails and making tens of thousands of calls into the data set daily, with all of the intelligence gathered used to cleanse the database further.

Quality Data Is Important For You So It’s Paramount For Us
We cross-reference all our data with numerous government registries, postal records, and use digital email verification technology to validate emails.