Get more leads with Woodpecker, the email tool that starts warm business conversations.

Woodpecker have an excellent blog featuring lots of great brilliant articles and reviews

Woodpecker in their own words

COLD EMAILS & FOLLOW-UPS sent automatically from your mailbox

cold email outreach & inbound lead nurturing

Send your emails & follow-ups
automatically, but one by one as if you were sending them manually

Follow-up automation
Prepare two follow-up Paths. Set up a Condition that triggers the next follow-up, like this one, once your prospect opens your email a specific number of times. Find out more about if-campaigns.

Reply detection
If you get a reply, further follow-ups are automatically stopped. Replies from different address, forwards and autoresponders are also detected.

Cold email personalization
Contact unlimited number of prospects daily with personalized cold emails and build Predictable Revenue.

Teamwork security
Equip your sales team in a reliable tool. Thanks to a shared prospect database you and your teammates won’t address the same person twice if you don’t want to.

Integrate Woodpecker with your favorite tool
You can use custom API

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