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Take charge of your sales efforts by joining our industry-leading Affiliate Marketing Network. Partner with a team of high quality, proven affiliates; gain access to ground-breaking technologies; and receive extraordinary customer support.



Establish long-term relationships with globally recognized brands. Connect with our expert Affiliate Relations Team dedicated to providing in-depth support and representation. Maximize performance with exclusive LC technologies.

LC has been evolving service and technology in affiliate marketing for over a decade. Experience the difference and leverage our industry expertise to bolster your revenue through the affiliate channel.

Partner with Top Affiliate Talent
Construct in-roads with industry-leading affiliates
Discover new channel talents and new break-through affiliates
Gain access to the specific relationships your program needs to be successful
Custom Built Technologies
Technologies designed to accommodate unique customer needs
Custom solutions and customer wish-lists fulfilled
What have you been told is not possible?
Surpassing Expectations
Gain a competitive edge with individual showcasing of your merchant brand
Receive hands-on, same-day support from an experienced team
Leverage over a decade of affiliate marketing solutions