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GSC Insights, a Google Search Console Dashboard
Google Search Console visualizations and valuations

What does GSC Insights do?
Google Search Console is the only source of truth for your website’s keyword rankings. Many SEO softwares can scan the SERPs and provide ranking data, but the insights are backdated by weeks and don’t offer a real-time picture of your website’s search engine performance right now.

Unlike those softwares, GSC Insights is built over Google’s API. This means real-time data and core insights that empower you to accurately measure your SEO improvements on a daily basis. GSC Insights has a sleek user interface with advanced data visualizations that provide a more accurate picture of the best-performing pages on your website.

GSC Insights provides site owners with the most comprehensive, granular picture of search engine performance. Use it to monitor your search KPIs or to perform advanced SEO A/B testing. With GSC Insights, site owners, SEO experts, and digital marketing agencies finally have the data and interface they need to truly measure the ROI of their SEO optimizations.