Linkgraph – SEO Content Assistant

Linkgraph – SEO Content Assistant

Linkgraph – SEO Content Assistant


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SEO Content Assistant
Create high-quality web content and landing pages that rank better in search results.

What is the SEO Content Assistant tool?
Our SEO Content Assistant can help you improve the relevance, topical depth, and quality signals of your web content. Use our tool to optimize your landing pages, blog posts, and even the content you create for off-site link building or digital PR campaigns. With one simple tool, you can elevate the performance of any piece of content in search engine results pages.

Content optimization involves more than simply including a target keyword in a piece of content. Google’s algorithms are advanced enough to understand what your landing page copy is about and whether it’s high-quality. Our software suggests the focus terms, on-page elements, and keyword frequency your content needs to outrank competitors for high-value keywords in your industry.

Unlike other content analysis tools, LinkGraph’s empowers you to optimize your landing pages and web content for up to 5 keywords. Directly import your content from existing urls, export new content to Google Docs, or collaborate on projects with other members of your team. The sleek user interface and real-time data analytics makes the SEO Content Assistant the ideal software tool for site owners, content creators, and digital marketing agencies.