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Attract | Grow | Retain Your Customers

Powerful, flexible and easy to use! The Loyalty Box works with cards; cellphone numbers; coupons; vouchers; Mobile apps; Facebook pages and more. And we do everything we can to make getting started as simple as possible.


Yes, you can improve your bottom line by rewarding your best customers for their business

One Store or Many

Franchises or Multi-Nationals. Multiple store locations under one umbrella. Physical Stores and E-Commerce. Add a new store and existing customers are instantly integrated.

Unlimited Program Options

Loyalty Programs | Gift Card | Referral Programs | Shared Reward | Frequency | Coalition | Pre-Paid | Bank Card | VIP Programs | Think it… Create It!

Import Existing Customer Loyalty Programs

Already running a loyalty/CRM program but struggling with your current tools? No problem, just import your existing customers along with their existing card numbers and you ready to go… no interruption!

100’s of Rule Options

Set Rewards For The Following: New Enrolment, Customer’s Birthday, Spend X – Get Y, Spending Tiers, Goal Reached, % Cash Back, Visits, Points, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Product (SKU) Specific, Department Group, Supplier Based, Tender Type, Specific Date And Time, Day Of Week/Month, Customer Segments, Individual Stores, Groups of Stores. There are 100’s of Options.

Customer Insights – Know your Customer

Pull your loyalty customers’ transactional reports with the click of a button. Filter by line item, location, rules, and more. See your customer spend data displayed on easy-to-understand charts. And dramatically increase the success of your promotions by using this data to make informed decisions about the type of campaigns you run and to whom.