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Welcome To Lumi

Integrating the Online and In-room experience for shareholder and member meetings.

What We Do

For over 25 years, Lumi has been facilitating shareholder and member meetings, legislative meetings and elections, faith-based meetings and annual congresses, as well as meetings and events more generally.

Annual General Meetings
Lumi is the power behind many of the world’s shareholder meetings, streamlining the voting process and transforming traditional AGMs. Whether your shareholders are participating in the room or remotely from anywhere in the world, the Lumi technology provides a seamless, end-to-end experience.
Member Meetings

Whether you are an association, sporting federation, faith-based group, trade body, professional association, or not-for-profit organization, Lumi brings all your members together on one sophisticated platform to maximize engagement with your membership.

Why Use Lumi
Trusted Technology, Unparalleled Experience
Evolve your annual meeting with secure, authenticated login, real-time live polling, and managed Q&A, whether your participants are in the room or online
Digitize your AGM to increase engagement, streamline the voting process, and improve transparency
Trusted by world-leading organizations across the globe