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Analyze your competitors’ email
strategies and campaigns
Monitor, analyze, & track your competitors’ email marketing activities,
strategies and campaigns.

Uncover your competitors’ email marketing strategies
Mailody is a revolutionary platform that lets you track and analyze your competitors’ newsletter, promotional and transactional emails.

Gain deep insights into your competitors’ email campaigns and discover how they connect with their subscribers.
Examine their marketing tactics, personalization strategies, keep tabs on their promotions, and get inspired by the best email creative.
To top things off, Mailody lets you compare your email data vs. your competitors.

How can Mailody supercharge
my email marketing?
Data analysis beyond your inbox
Reveal your competitors’ secrets based on actual data – then go top them!

Draw inspiration
Inspire your own marketing efforts with great copywriting, design & promotions

Overtake your competition
Compare your emails against individual or groups of competitors, and spot opportunities

Research leading brands
Add as many brands as you like and uncover email strategies of brands you love

How does it work?

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Add your competitors
Use your unique Mailody email address to sign up to your competitors’ newsletters, abandon carts, purchase from them – you name it!

Boost your email strategy
Analyze what your competitors are doing, compare their activities, and inform your own email strategy, designs & promotions.

Take your analysis beyond
newsletters and promotional emails
Transactional Email
Personalized emails
Transactional Email
Use your personal Mailody email address to purchase from your competitors, abandon a cart, register an account, sign up to their trials, giveaways, competitions – you add it, we track it! Mailody will collect all emails in one place so you can use our powerful analytics to dissect your competition’s strategy.