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Run campaigns optimized for pipeline and revenue
The new way for B2B marketers
to experiment at scale

The first autonomous demand generation platform is the first autonomous demand generation platform for B2B marketers, built by B2B marketers. In a crowded space of account-based marketing technologies, Metadata’s patented AI engine automates the most important, but repetitive tasks in marketing.

Find your best-fit audience and accelerate demand

Identify & Target
It’s hard to know which companies to target, which companies are the best fit for your product or services and how to build audiences so you can get in front both groups.

And your targeting is only as good as the data you have.

Take the guesswork out of your campaign targeting.

Experiment & Engage
Now more than ever, time and resources are the two biggest constraints for B2B marketers, so experimentation can sound like a pipe dream.

Campaign experiments require budget and multiple variations of ad creative, not to mention how long it takes to manually configure each experiment in multiple ad platforms.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

Acquire & Activate
Focusing on leads instead of revenue drives the wrong marketing tactics and incentivizes wrong behaviors.

Your responsibility shouldn’t end once you’ve handed a lead off to your Sales team.

You need a platform that helps generate actionable leads for your sales reps so they can convert these leads to qualified pipeline and revenue.