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What can you do with Moboom

Thousands of design templates of websites to enable the rapid deployment of SEO and voice friendly websites.

Moboom VoicePages, a technology breakthrough that provides the next significant commercial edge

Moboom has unlimited production capability to programmatically produce web pages.

The first and foremost technology to deliver websites across all devices…

Moboom was founded in 2009 by experienced and multi award winning IT executive Gavin Burnett. The company was originally established to capitalise of the rapidly growing mobile phone market and the desire for consumers to easily view websites on mobile devices. Hence the name Moboom – Mobile Boom for short.

The company was successful in securing contracts with major media players in several countries in the South East Asian and Oceania region. Clients included Fairfax, News Limited, Carsales, iProperty and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

In 2009, the standard solution for delivering mobile sites was to have one website for PC users and a second, standalone site for mobile users. Most mobile web platform could only deliver to some more modern phones. There were no PC platforms (eg Wix) that could deliver to mobile devices.