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Unified Performance Marketing

NetRefer provides a leading-edge Performance Marketing Eco-system, driving effective customer acquisition, conversion and retention.

Our Products
Performance Marketing Platform

Feature Rich, Robust and Award-Winning Software.

NetRefer’s Unified Performance Marketing Platform is an automated marketing solution delivering a complete unified view on the performance marketing ecosystem.

Using the latest technology, it caters for the automation of the whole affiliate life cycle from affiliate signup to CRM management, media serving, accurate tracking, customer reporting, finance & rewards management up to direct automated payments to affiliates.

Performance Marketing Intelligence

Bring the Magic out of your Data.

PMI is NetRefer’s cloud-based BI platform. It provides self-service intelligence enabling users to make faster, well-informed decisions based on a 360-degree view of their data. Users are promptly notified of new trends, enabling them to drill-down, compare and take action.

Loyalty and Gamification

Configure. Operate. Deliver.

The Rewards and Gamification platform drives customer brand loyalty and retention, increase lifetime value and helps drive desired behaviour.

Better Retention | More Money | Increased Demand