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The NewStore Omnichannel Platform.

Curbside Pickup, Contactless Payments, Store Fulfillment, Remote Selling, Endless Aisle, and more. Unlock it all right now.

Omnichannel just became essential.

NewStore delivers Omnichannel-as-a-Service, providing a single global solution that combines order management, mobile POS and inventory management in the cloud.

Endless Aisle
Empower your store associates to save the sale by giving them the ability to access and sell inventory from any location or distribution center.

Enable your store associates to create a personalized shopping experience by providing them a 360° view of the customer.

Store Fulfillment
Provide a full range of omnichannel fulfillment options to improve customer convenience and maximize profitability.

Inventory Management
Gain real-time visibility into your inventory across all store and warehouse locations, and process transfers, receiving, and counts.

Mobile Checkout
Complete transactions without ever leaving the customer’s side, reducing wait times and increasing sales.

Omnichannel Insights
Capture a complete real-time view of customers, orders, inventory, revenue, and store performance across all channels.

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