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ncrease your ROAS on average by 30%
How? Nexoya collects KPIs from your tools like Google Ads and Facebook.
Based on this data, we evaluate the perfect allocation of your ad budget across the various channels with our AI algorithm.

This ensures the most cost-effective use of your budget.

Get insights into your campaign performance. See which channels work best and get predictions on what to do next.

Thanks to budget optimization, we advise you on how to move towards the best performing campaigns – irregardless of the channel.

With budget automation feature, your optimized budgets will be automatically changed on your respective publisher or advertising platform.

How does Nexoya work?

Connect & Collect
After you successfully connect your marketing tools to Nexoya, all your KPIs are collected and shown in an easy way.

Learn & Report
Analyze your marketing performance easily in order to get a holistic and consolidated view of your KPIs and campaigns across various channels. Create customized marketing funnels to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Analyze & Optimize
With Nexoya’s machine learning technology, we predict your future campaign and KPI performance, detect irregularities and help you to optimize your campaign.


Marketing Intelligence
Nowadays, the average digital marketing team works with ten or more online marketing tools. The process of collecting data across these tools and analyzing and interpreting it is difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

With nexoya’s AI marketing analytics tool, you will have a solid understanding of how your marketing campaigns, conversions, clicks and other KPIs are performing as well as the ability to track each of them on a centralized, AI-based platform. You will learn which channel performs the best and where you get the best return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) by optimizing your budget allocations on various channels.

Data Aggregation & Reporting
Track your multi-channel marketing performance via one single platform. Nexoya allows you to get a holistic overview across all of your marketing channels. You can create custom metrics that are important specifically for your business, assign these metrics to specific funnel steps, and generate customized reports with just a couple of clicks.

Budgeting & Optimization
Thanks to Nexoya’s predictive analytics algorithms, you can implement budget allocations for your multi-channel campaigns and enhance your overall marketing performance. Furthermore, thanks to AI algorithms, cross-channel campaign optimization can be made in real time.

Independent & Privacy compliant
Optimize cross-channel campaigns on a fully independent platform that does not cooperate and share your data with any third-party provider. That helps marketers to achieve more effective results and stay competitive in every marketing channel.

Save Resources
Skip the labour-intensive and error-prone manual data aggregation and processing. Nexoya Reporting collects the KPIs and metrics from all your integrated marketing tools automatically.

Better Decision-Making
Make better unbiased decisions based on the latest data, thanks to the easy and intuitiv visualization of the Nexoya Reporting that gives you a complete performance overview over all your marketing tools.

Be one step ahead of your competition with real-time detection of changes and irregularities in your KPIs and with the AI backed prediction of the future development of your KPIs and Campaigns.
Foster better collaboration within your team, by sharing reports and put comments for important events into your report. This allows a new level of transparency for data analytics within your team.

nexoya supports you on every step on your way to become
a data-driven marketing expert.