Hyper-personalized media experiences that engage and convert better
Create personalized & interactive media experiences and distribute them through e-mails, LinkedIn messages, chatbot conversations & web pages

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Nexweave’s editor enables you to add layers of personalized text, images, logos, website screenshots and advanced widgets to your images, GIFs and videos

Interactive Videos with Personalization
Upload your videos to Nexweave and turn them into a unique, interactive video experience for each and every prospect!

Add personalized text, images and GIFs to your videos
Personalize your videos to include your prospects name, location, product images, logo, profile and much much more!

Add interactive elements to your videos
Here’s where you can get creative! Add buttons, hotspots or form overlays or impress your viewers with “choose your own story” adventures!

Personalized Images and GIFs
Personalized images and GIFs will liven up your campaigns and help you stand out to your audience!

Add Personalization to your images & GIFs
Just like videos, you can personalize images and GIFs to include prospect’s name, company, profile, website and much more!

Make them interactive with QR codes and barcodes
Add scanable personalized QR codes and barcodes to your images and link your audience to your website, product pages and more!

Personalization through multiple channels

Nexweave powered images, GIFs and videos can be shared practically anywhere!

Hyper-personalized emails

Embed personalized images and GIFs in your outreach emails to create message unique to each recipient
Conversational chatbots

Add a personal touch to automated chatbots with dynamic and personalized image responses
Personalized Linkedin outreach

Achieve seamless 1:1 outreach via our Linkedin plugin or automate your personalized messages through our integrations
Personalized and dynamic landing pages

Create impressive landing pages with personalized media and text! Link these to forms to create personalized funnels