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Oncrawl is a web-based data access automation tool that focuses on technical search engine optimization solutions to help your business better understand which information is important, and how to use the information to improve the position of the website on the search engines and improve organic traffic, and conversions as a result. In short, the software suite will let your brand get into Google’s good books. It helps your brand to identify HTML errors and issues with content and the linking structure. Your site could be penalized by Google and the other search engines when all these issues plague your website.

Make smarter SEO decisions
The technical SEO platform that helps you open Google’s blackbox

OnCrawl is an award-winning SEO platform
Combining your content, log files, and search data at scale

OnCrawl SEO Crawler
Analyze your website like Google does. There is no crawl we can’t handle.

OnCrawl Log Analyzer
Track bots hits and visitors activities from search engines.

OnCrawl Data³
Enrich your analysis with third-party datasets and advanced analysis.

OnCrawl Rankings
Analyze the influence of ranking factors on positions and impressions.

OnCrawl Backlinks
Analyze the influence of your backlink distribution on crawl frequency.

OnCrawl SEO Impact
Optimize crawl budget and ROI on strategic pages.

OnCrawl Analytics
Drive SEO, SMO traffic and users to top-priority pages.

OnCrawl Toolbox
Fix quick SEO pain points with our set of free tools and extension.

OnCrawl Platform
Manage any dataset and customize your analyses to build unparalleled SEO reports.