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A high-level view of the features that set us apart from the competition

Pre-Filled Web Forms

Auto-populates advocate data, increases conversion rates to over 23%, and reduces time-required-to-take-action by 3-8 seconds.

Message Rotator

Unique rotating subject lines and unique rotating message bodies with proportional display and delivery; greatly increases the likelihood your messages will not be flagged as a form email by legislative correspondents.

Multi-Action Tool

Drive massive multi-channel engagement with “One Click.” No two, three, or four step processes like other tools. Instant submission of emails, faxes, and socials posts to elected officials in one easy step.

Video Messages

Advocates can activate the built in cameras in their iPhone, Android, Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet using our technology to record testimonials or legislative advocacy messages.

Text Messages & Mobile Keywords

Send your advocates mass SMS or MMS text message blasts and/or create your own mobile keywords that your advocates can text into using a dedicated shortcode.

Patch Through Calls

Record up to 30 second voice greetings and connect your advocates to elected officials with “One Click.” Our system tracks call duration, elected officials contacted, and advocate participation.