Open Signals


Award-Winning Innovation for Real-World Relevance
Resonate with your target audience with well-timed social ads.

Powering Auto-Promotion and Real-World Syncing in Iris
Open Signals is a flexible system for triggering changes in social advertising campaigns when predefined conditions are met. Open Signals consumes data from a range of first- and third-party sources, including the social platforms.

In a real-time world, launching or altering campaigns based on real-time and near-real-time data is a social advertising imperative. That’s why Open Signals has been designed to power the most user-friendly system in the world for syncing social ad campaigns with local weather, television events, athletic contests and more.

Rules-Based Automation for Live Campaign Optimization
Commonly deployed to start or stop campaigns based on preset conditions, Open Signals lets advertisers pre-define campaign changes with confidence. When the moment is right, the campaign will be too.

Real-World Syncing: Turn off always-on campaigns, and shift budgets to campaigns containing contextually relevant ad creatives.
Auto-Promotion: Promote organic social media posts into social ads when the right engagement criteria are met.
Impression Capping: Pause campaigns with a pre-defined impression or reach goal, making it the perfect complement to co-op advertising.
Open Signals reduces the risk of error and lets advertisers focus on high-impact activities instead of watching and waiting for the right moment to initiate campaign changes. Open Signals does only what advertisers instruct it to do, at the moment it’s been configured to react.

The Original Third-Party Automation Technology in Social Advertising
Making its debut by winning Grand Prize at the 2013 Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Innovation Competition, Open Signals quickly demonstrated its ability to drive cost efficiency in social advertising auctions by boosting relevance between audiences and real-time moments. Today, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat prioritize ads that fit into users’ personalized social feeds. In turn, advertisers bidding to deliver relevant ads pay less to reach them. The original insight that fueled Open Signals: increased relevance lowers campaign costs, is as true today as ever, making Open Signals a valuable technology for driving social advertising performance and efficiency for years to come.