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Tools that make AdWords people more productive.
Opteo makes managing and optimizing AdWords accounts simple and efficient. Grow conversions, hit performance targets, boost productivity — all while reducing your overall workload.

Optimize account performance with data-driven improvements.
Opteo proposes improvements based on your conversion data and performance targets. Push improvements live to AdWords in one click.

Monitor and diagnose performance issues accurately. In real time.
View all key performance metrics in one location. Get additional metrics not available in AdWords (including QS Components, AdRank and many more).

Control budgets and manage accounts. From Campaign to Keyword.
Manage accounts in one unified table. Drill down to view adgroups, keywords, and other components. Get complete control over bids and budgets.

Explore segments to find the most profitable areas within an account.
Pinpoint the 20% of the account driving 80% of the performance. Reduce spend on inefficient segments and double-up on more lucrative ones.

Check scorecards to get a high-level understanding of account performance.
Perform in-depth account audits in seconds. Gain an immediate understanding of an account’s health so you know where to focus for maximum leverage.