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The partner platform that powers revenue

PartnerStack does more than manage your partnerships — it builds new revenue channels by empowering every partner to succeed.

How PartnerStack powers partnerships

PartnerStack is the only partner management platform designed to accelerate recurring revenue for both companies and the partners they work with — because your partners’ success is yours.

Scale multiple channels

Whether you’re looking to close more deals, generate more leads or bring traffic to your next campaign, PartnerStack is built to handle every kind of partnership — and all of them at once.

Track partner links, leads, and deals inside PartnerStack

Embed customer loyalty programs directly into your product

Sell directly through distributor networks with the PartnerStack API

Maximize partner performance

Programs that prioritize engagement generate more revenue. PartnerStack helps you create custom experiences for each of your partner channels, nurturing new partners into top-performers.

Create partner groups with unique reward structures and content

Automate partner onboarding with custom forms and email flows

Host partner marketing assets inside your partner’s dashboards

Automate your partner payouts

One of the most common reasons companies move their program to PartnerStack: they’re tired of wasting time making sure partners get paid every month. PartnerStack pays partners for you.

Receive a single monthly invoice, paid by credit card or ACH

Partners withdraw their own rewards through Stripe or PayPal

Comply with global regulations and give finance teams visibility