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The #1 all-in-one event management software for event planners and venues

See how +20K professionals save 62+ hours/month and streamline processes and communications with our complete online event management software

Planning Pod’s all-in-one platform gives you the power to…
Track every detail in one convenient place
Spreading your event data across countless spreadsheets, stand-alone apps and emails just makes your job harder. We integrate 20+ event-specific tools into one platform so every detail is at your fingertips (and those of your team members) throughout the entire event lifecycle.
Save time and streamline processes

Managing events and all the details involved can consume untold hours. Our tools are built to simplify common tasks and automate complex processes, freeing up your time and minimizing busywork so you can breathe and focus on higher level tasks.

Easily share ideas and collaborate

Our tools make it easy to communicate and coordinate with others in real-time. Centralize your event communications with integrated email tools and invite staff, clients and contractors into your account to start collaborating and sharing information.